Nina Watt, LPC

Therapy isn't about changing your personality; it's about making you a better person. It's about more self-awareness, more self-responsibility and less self-destructiveness. It's about changing behaviors that no longer serve you as much as it's about learning to accept, and even embrace, those parts of yourself that you think you don't like, or shouldn't like. It's learning how to separate fact from fiction and speak about your experience clearly, without defensiveness or blame. Happiness is relative; so is suffering. Our lives will be full of both. Learning to accept these passing experiences as part of the natural flow is a matter of perspective. How you want to experience your life and your relationships is up to you. When you want to start is up to you. And when you do commit to starting therapy, and commit to making change, it is my experience that most people start to feel more gratitude, more compassion and more love in their lives. They are able to connect to themselves and others in a way that makes them more content.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Oregon, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California, I work with individuals and couples in Northwest Portland, Oregon.

Through the process of therapy you can:

  • Change habitual or harmful patterns that are holding you back
  • Understand the differences between what you can and cannot change
  • Learn to be the strongest voice in your life and learn to trust your intuition
  • Distinguish between what's true and meaningful for you, and what may just be a story you've created and are inadvertently perpetuating
  • Understand how you may be contributing to the conflict and drama in your life
  • Learn a healthier way of relating to others
  • Weather the normal, often painful transitions of life
  • Gracefully incorporate and learn from loss